At one time, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, was just a dream that I am sure many girls have. Although I had great experience in the fashion world, opening a store was not something I was exactly confident in. As of April 2015, I decided to go forward and make my dream a reality. Opening Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, a unique boutique, in Bradley Beach, New Jersey was one of the greatest decisions in my life thus far. Having three daughters myself, all with various personalities and styles, I am very familiar with all of the latest fashion trends. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun aims to please ladies with all different styles and personalities, with an exception of a few things for the men out there. At Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, you will always have an honest personal shopper to assist your shopping needs. It is truly a wonderful thing to see how many smiles this store brings upon myself and all of my amazing customers. I aspire to make Girls Just Wanna Have Fun the best it can possibly be and to keep sending our fabulous customers out with smiles!